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For the Crystaline, Sustainability is a systematic ideal made primarily by the action, and by the constant pursuit of economic development while preserving the environment. Adopting Sustainability actions we ensure to medium and long term a planet in good condition for the development of different forms of life, including human. With Environmental Responsibility we adopted measures in our production process to minimize the impact to the environment using objective actions reported below: sustainability_icon
Development of products with low energy cost
We use in their facilities machines and equipment of last generation that consume less power, and the manufacturing process fully automated, which enables development of products with low energy cost.

Reducing the emission of particles
Our machines work with diamond tools together with water, to eliminate dust emission and dissipation that cause harm to human health and to the environment. The small works such as smoothing are targeted by channeled air for water curtain that captures all dust, minimizing particles emissions to the Environment.

Noise reduction
We use tools made of alloy steel with anti-noise, therefore silent to reduce noise pollution harmful to workers and to the Environment.

Waste reduction
All leftovers are reused to manufacture smaller tiles as mosaics, allowing waste reduction. Unavoidable waste is removed and disposed of by specialist companies, certified by the Environmental Organs officers for proper disposal.

Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and fuel economy
Our practice area is concentrated in the city of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), in order to avoid displacement of employees and delivering materials in other states, thus avoiding the displacement of vehicles for long distances, entailing great expense due to the high fuel consumption, as well as the increase of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere, causing the greenhouse effect.

Biodegradable Natural Supplies
In constant search for innovations that meet the market without harming the environment, we developed the unique Rock Customization Process "Intercrystaline" using natural supplies. The pigments used in the process are mineral and vegetable, resins are based on vegetable oils that do not harm the rock and do not causes harm to Human beings or to the Environment. The resin used on the back of the slabs is water based last generation technology developed, to avoid using a petroleum-based resin. All inputs in this process are natural and biodegradable.

Preservation of rare materials
The basic material used in the process "Intercrystaline" are White Marbles and Grey Granites, abundant in nature, thus avoiding the extraction of Rare and Exotic materials from the quarries, being possible to reproduce these materials without the extraction on regions that would cause damage to the environment.

Saving and reusing water
Among the actions already undertaken by Crystaline a few years ago, is the controlled consumption of water. The total reuse of water is made by a collecting system. All machines work with water that is piped to large tanks, and after passing through the filtering process and treatment in settling tanks, goes back to the production line without interruption, so the water used in our facilities is totally recycled, thus reducing consumption and expenditure of a vital nature's resource.

We are constantly seeking to improve its processes, aiming at sustainability and respect for the environment, in addition to partnering with companies who have, like her, an environmental awareness, active and responsible.